Five Unusual Gifts for Cat Lovers

Are you in need of a gift for a cat lover but can’t think of a thing? Read on for some rather unusual but original inspiration...

Book a photo-shoot


Image courtesy of Anand Nav

Animal photo-shoots, like the kind available through Wish, are all the rage these days and mean cat owners can get high-quality images of their beloved pets or even be in the pictures themselves, which make for fantastic keepsakes. With the help of an expert photographer who knows all about how pets behave and how to capture a cat’s best side, they’ll end up with some priceless snaps as well as a day that they’ll remember for a long, long time.

Make a calendar or photo album

C is for..

Image courtesy of Pei Fang Chung

If the cat lover you know has a whole collection of photographs that they want to do something special with, then how about getting them a professionally-bound photo book or even a calendar? Maybe even a canvas print or two would go down a treat. Companies like SmileBooks specialise in allowing you to put together custom-made gifts that make brilliant collector’s items.

Get the cat behind the camera

Cats at Camera

Image courtesy of Rock Portrait Photography

Did you ever read about the exploits of Cooper the cat earlier this year? Well, he shot to fame thanks to the unique insight he gave into the life of a cat courtesy of a series of photographs taken by a timer-operated camera located on his collar. A string of TV appearances later and Cooper has attracted more than 12,000 fans on the social networking website Facebook. If you think your friend would fancy finding out exactly what their four-legged friend gets up to every day, then how about purchasing a cat collar camera? The results might just surprise them!

The feline intelligence test

Smart Cat

Image courtesy of Nikki Pirch

Doing an IQ test on a cat might sound nigh on impossible, but think again because you can do precisely that with the help of a series of examinations designed to measure the intelligence of anybody’s pet. Measure everything from coordination to communication and also read all about suggestions of how to boost their brain power. It’s probably best for cat loving friend to keep an open mind when carrying out the tests and if nothing else it’s a bit of fun and an activity for them and their cat to enjoy over some quality bonding time. This book could be ideal if there’s a young cat lover in your life.

Have a purr-fectly clean house

Cat soap

Image courtesy of Rahel Jaskow

There are plenty of ‘novelty’ items on the market to keep cat lovers of all ages happy, like a cat-shaped vacuum cleaner. This handy-sized gadget makes cleaning table tops entertaining and effortless and is bound to bring a wry smile to your friend’s face every time they reach for it. Dog and pig versions are also available if your friend is an all-round animal lover.

Here are additional feline gift ideas:

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