Practical Gifts for Cats

and their owners

Looking for unique gifts for cats? You’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find ideas to help you find fun gifts for cat and practical cat gifts for their owners.

Some of these gifts can be enjoyed by both cats and their owners (or rather cat parents). These cat gifts are not only practical, but in many cases they are also necessary for the proper care of cats. So if you are looking for a unique yet useful gift for cat lovers, consider the gifts listed below.

Many of these items can be given as a stand alone gift, or they can be included in a cat gift basket.

--Pet traveling kit: The most important item for cat travel is a cat carrier. Most likely your friend already has a cat carrier, but if not, you can give him – or her – a good quality pet carrier.

Another very important travel item is a set of bowls for food and water. Luckily, you can find pet travel kits online. A good option is the mudpie Pet Debossed Travel Kit with Feeding Bowls, which is a portable case that pops open reveling two feeding bowls.

--Dental cleaning supplies: This a great gift for new cat parents, whether they just adopted a cat or kitten. Of course, it’s much easier to train a kitten to have her teeth cleaned than an older cat, but it’s not impossible.

Fortunately, you can easily find online toothpaste and toothbrushes especially designed for cats. You can also find dental cat treats and cat chew toys. A great idea is to fill a gift basket with all these supplies.

--Pet first aid kit: Cats are curious by nature. They can easily get into very sticky situations and, sometimes, get hurt. Other times an emergency might just happen even if you take every step to protect your pet. You need to be prepared to meet such eventualities. A pet first aid kit is a must, and needless to say, it makes a very practical gift for cat lovers.

By the way, remember to always keep handy your vet’s contact number or the number of a nearby animal hospital equipped to treat emergencies.

--A pet ramp: Do you or your cat loving friends have an older, disabled or sick cat? A pet ramp helps your cat climb to their favorite spots more easily. A pet ramp also makes a great cat lover gift.

Fun gifts for the cat in your family

Okay, giving practical gifts is great. But cats also need to have some fun. Here are some low costs, fun, gifts for cat.

--Cat toys – Most kitties enjoy playing, so a cat toy will surely be welcome.

--Catnip – There are many options to choose from: from the traditional dry catnip leaves, to catnip scented bubbles and catnip-filled toys. You can’t go wrong with catnip!

--Treats – Another cat favorite. Give them by themselves or include them in a cat gift basket.

--Refillable catnip mats and pillows. Warning: Kitty may never want to get up from his bed.

Cat Christmas gifts

Do you give your cat Christmas gifts? Well, I certainly do. Here are some stocking stuffer ideas:

--Give your cat a pet gift basket filled with cat goodies

--For the stylish cat, a gift of pet jewelry makes a nice choice

--Give kitty a battery operated mouse toy

--Get him, or her, a cuddly, heated cat bed.

These are just a few ideas, but I hope they help you find the right cat Christmas gift. And please keep checking back as new gifts for cats will be added from time to time.

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