Unique Cat Furniture

The gift of unique cat furniture will certainly wow any cat parent. Of course, traditional pieces of cat furniture are always welcomed (i.e. traditional bed, cat condo, scratching post, etc.), but if you want to give an original – and practical – gift consider giving a unique piece of cat furniture.

And don’t be too concerned about the cost. You can find wonderful pieces at affordable prices.

And if your budget allows it, you can also find fantastic designer pieces that look like works of art.

You can also order custom cat furniture at select stores.

Here are some suggestions to think about:

Stylish cat furniture

Modern-looking, stylish feline furniture is all the rage. You can certainly find pieces that blend in with your home décor.

Floor to Ceiling Sisal Cat Tower
And as I said before, you can find gorgeous, high-end designer pieces that will beautify any spot in your house. And of course, these pieces will also delight any cat lover. Indeed, these make a terrific cat lover gift. For more ideas visit our modern cat furniture page.

If, on the other hand, your budget is limited, then consider buying less expensive – but still chic – cat-themed furniture that looks similar to those high-end pieces. Several online pet stores carry an array of modern and affordable cat furniture.

Feline furniture for active cats

Do you have a young cat or one that is very active? There is a wide selection of fun, unique cat furniture for the active cat. For example, you can find as varied pieces of furniture as:

--Cat gyms and playgrounds

--Multi-level towers with plenty of sleep trays, play areas, and scratching surface

--Pieces with swinging trays

--Fun tunnels

--And containment pieces for outdoor use

Many of these pieces of pet furniture come with dangling toys and other amenities. Your kitty will certainly be delighted with any of these.

More unique cat furniture

Still need more unique cat furniture ideas? Well, here are a few fun ideas to think about:

--Cubes and sacks: Kitty can hide, play, and sleep in these fun and convenient pieces. Some of these pieces also come with plenty of carpeted surface for your cat to scratch. Check out this Cat Scratching Play House from Amazon.com.

--Bootsie's Bunk Bed and PlayRoom : Your cat will love this piece! Kitty can play and sleep in this multi-function unit.

--Scratch and Snooze Cat Scratcher: Yes, that’s the name of the piece. This is a small tree topped with a covered tray. This piece is another fun choice for any cat, and you can easily find it online.

--Cat Climber: Wall furniture and climbing systems are great choices if you're looking for something unique yet practical. Since cats love climbing, they will not resist this type of furniture. Some of these pieces (cradles, trays, and cubes) can be mounted onto the wall and look very stylish indeed.

Fun and unique cat furniture

If you really are in the mood for out-of-the ordinary furniture, then consider the following:

--Custom cat furniture and designer pieces: Slick, modern-looking beds and cradles are very popular these days. Of course, many of these unique pieces come at a hefty price.

--Multi-purpose furniture: This type of furniture provides your cat with different options to rest and/or play in, all in one convenient place. You can find, for example, multi-level condos that come with sleeping cradles, gyms, playgrounds, scratching poles, and tunnels. These pieces also come equipped with toys, feathers, and lounging areas.

--Outdoor houses and containment systems: If you have a yard and you allow your kitty outside, consider cat houses that are especially built for outdoor use. These pieces are made of sturdy materials and some are pretty luxurious.

If you want to allow your cat outside but want him to stay contained within a specific area, then check out feline containment systems. These are fun pieces that give your cat a taste of the outdoors while remaining comfortably secure.

--Novelty trees and hideaways: You can find unique trees that look like sculptures. Hideaways and playpens are another fun option.

--Unique cushions for kitty: These are fun cushions (or mats) you can place on top of your own sofas or chairs.

--Kittywalk closet sleeper: This is a fun piece you can hang in your closet. Kitty will love it! A word of caution: You know that cats love sneaking into the closets (at least mine do), so just make sure you don’t lock your cat inside the closet.

More fun cat furniture

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