Cat Houses

Cat houses are great for both outdoor and indoor cats. Cats love secluded places and a pet house affords them with an enclosed spot to relax in. A cat house will certainly delight any cat.

Undoubtedly, a pet house is a terrific idea for outdoor cats. An outdoor house provides your outdoor kitty with a spot to relax and nap in while enjoying the outdoors in comfort. An outdoor house also gives your cat protection from all kinds of weather all year ‘round.

A great gift idea for cat lovers

A pet house is a great gift idea for cat lovers, especially for those of your friends who have just adopted a new cat.

For indoors cats you can give plastic or plywood houses designed to be use indoors.

An outside kitty house is the perfect gift for people with outdoor cats. Make sure that the house you choose is especially designed for outdoor use.

Advantages of outdoor pet houses

20 Inch Cedar Cat House

  • These houses provide your cat with a cozy, enclosed, safe space to hang out and sleep in.

  • An outdoor cat house protects your cat from the elements.

  • A pet house allows your kitty to stay cool during the hot summer days and warm during the cold winter.

  • Many houses also come equipped with platforms and roofs for your cat to perch on and admire the outdoors.

  • A pet house also protects your cat against insects. Some houses even come with termite resistant mats.

What to look for in a cat house

If you plan to use the house outside, make sure that it is designed for the outdoors. Many economical plywood houses in the market are not made to be used outdoors. You can find excellent pet houses made of plywood, but make sure that they are especially made for outdoor use.

Room With a View Wooden Outdoor Pet House
Durable materials

The right outside pet house must be built to last. Since the pet house will be exposed to the elements, it must be made of strong, long-lasting materials.

Pet houses come in different materials, from plywood to hard plastics. However, for outdoor use the best option is a wooden house, especially if it’s insulated. For extra durability, you can also use a wood protectant.

Outdoor houses made of plywood are a good option, especially if they are covered with cedar and pine. Cedar is extremely resistant to ticks, termites and fleas.

Leak proof

Again, the house will be exposed to rain (and maybe snow); therefore, make sure that the house is leak proof. Some cat houses are insulated, which is a great plus. Remember, the right pet house should remain dry. Many pet houses in the market can be raised above the ground, a great feature during rainy days.

Safe and secure

Make sure that the house you select has no sharp, protruding objects that might injure your cat.

Also, the right pet house should be easy to clean.

Additional tips:

  • It is a good idea to paint or stain a wooden house to extend its life.

  • For added comfort, some pet houses come with porches, decks and platforms. Extra space for your cat to hang out!

  • Some houses come with removable roofs for easy cleaning.

  • I've seen pet houses that come with flap doors to keep the wind and rain out!

  • If you really want to pamper your kitty, get him or her a house that comes equipped with a heater. Your cat will love her heated cat house!

Indoor pet houses

The Pod Cat Condo
Is your cat an indoor cat? Do you prefer indoor houses? No problem, many fine pet stores carry plastic and plywood pet houses especially created for indoor use.

Plastic houses are particularly great for your indoor kitty. This type of pet house is lightweight and easy to carry from one place to another. Plastic houses are economical and easy to clean too.

As an alternative, you can get a cat condo. Cat condos come in different sizes and styles, and most come with scratching posts, sleep, and play areas.

Another option is a pet tent. Pet tents are portable and easy to store. Tents can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

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