A Pet Tent is a Practical and Versatile
Cat Lover Gift

Need a practical cat lover gift? A pet tent might just be the answer. Pet tents are light, flexible, and easy to store away.

There is a wide range of prices to choose from, from high-end, top-quality travel cat tents to more economical pop-up tents to use indoors or in the backyard.

Depending on your needs (or your cat loving-friend’s needs), you will find the cat tent that fits your budget.

Cat tents are convenient

Made-for-pets tents offer several advantages:

  1. Cats love to sleep in secluded places. A tent will give your cat a quiet, safe and private spot to sleep and relax in.

  2. Portable tents are a great alternative when traveling. There are tents especially designed to be used inside the car and the outdoors. Most of these tents can be used by dogs as well as cats.

  3. Most tents in the market are light and flexible. These are great features when you have to travel with your pet. These pieces are easy to clean, move around, and store!

  4. Can’t afford a cat house or don’t have enough space for it in the backyard? A cat tent will provide your outdoor cat with a spot to relax in. In addition, a tent will protect kitty from the elements. And you can easily put it away when not in use.

  5. Cats tents are perfect to use indoors.

  6. Most tents are collapsible. They fold flat for easy storage… These types of tents are great space savers.

  7. Pet tents are easy to assemble and pack away. Pop-up tents are the easiest!

  8. For extra fun, some cat tents come with dangling toys for kitty to enjoy.

As you can see, pet tents can be a very practical piece of pet furniture.

Points to keep in mind when choosing a cat tent

Umbra Portable Pet-Tent
You can choose a tent based on different factors. You can decide to buy a tent because is more affordable than others or because it matches your style. Therefore, price and design are key factors when choosing a tent.

Another important factor to consider is the size of the pet tent. Maybe you have a large cat that will need enough space to move inside.

You also need to keep in mind the material the tent is made of. Do you want a lighter pet tent to use indoors or a sturdier one for the outdoors?

If you plan to travel and want to take your kitty with you, then buy a tent that is good for traveling. Remember that pets can get very nervous when traveling. The WeatherTech Pet Tent, for example, is especially made for travel. It looks like a carrier but can also be used as a tent. It comes with fastener hooks that allows you to secure it to your car.

What about a tent to cover your cat's litter pan? LitterMaid has several "privacy" tents that are the perfect alternative to traditional litter box covers.

Additional tips to help you choose the best tent

  • Must be waterproof. This is especially important if the tent will be primarily used outdoors.

  • It should be easy to assemble and store.

  • It should be easy to clean.

  • The right cat tent should be light, portable, and flexible.

  • If durability is important to you, choose a tent made of long-lasting materials.

  • It must provide your pet with plenty of ventilation.

Luxury tents

Treat your cat like royalty. Select pet stores also carry luxury tents, which are both functional and beautiful.

These pieces serve double duty as beds and kitty condos. Luxury tents are usually designed for indoor use. Most luxury tents are also portable and light.

Designs vary: from faux-fur palaces to fun cottages. Most of these pieces come with comfortable cushions. Kitty will love it!

Cat tent store

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