Litter Box Covers

Litter box covers allow you to conceal your cat’s litter box while also providing privacy to your cat. This is a great idea, particularly if your living space is small.

Indeed, a litter box cover not only allows you to hide your kitty’s litter box, but also it can even make the litter box more attractive.

Needless to say, these pieces make a great cat lover gift!

Of course, make sure that your cat has easy access to the litter box. Litter box concealers should be appealing to the eye, but they also have to be practical. If a litter box concealer causes your cat to reject the litter box, you have to find other ways to hide your kitty’s litter box.

Advantages of cat litter box covers

Cats like privacy, therefore, make sure that you put the litter box in a nice, quiet area. However, make it accessible to your cat. Also, avoid placing the litter box next to their food or sleeping area.

The advantage of a cat litter box cover is that it gives you the flexibility of placing the litter box in any room. As previously said, a litter-box cover not only conceals the litter box, but it makes it more appealing. Besides, many litter box cabinets have a carpeted surface, giving your cat additional space to play and to scratch.

Types of litter box concealers

Kitty Cottage Odorless Litterbox Cover
There are different styles to choose from:

Wood Cabinets- These pieces are very attractive and can easily blend in with your home décor. They come in different types of wood and finishes such as oak, maple and pine.

Pet House- Some pet stores carry multi-purpose pet tents. These versatile pieces can be used as a pet house or to conceal the litter box. These pieces come in different materials such as plastic, wood, and wicker.

Pet Tents- A pet tent is another alternative to cover your cat's litter pan. LitterMaid offers a tent especially designed to cover the litter box.

Carpeted Litter Box Covers- Again, this type of cat litter box cover gives your kitty extra space to play!

Wicker and Rattan Covers- These covers are another great option and you can find them at affordable prices. The organic texture of wicker and rattan add a touch of beauty to any area.

Litter Box Furniture- These pieces are very attractive and can hide large litter boxes. This type of litter box cover is a great solution if you have large cats. Since these pieces are bigger and taller, they provide ample space for your kitty to move around.

Litterbox covers

Other ways to conceal your kitty’s litter box

If you prefer not to use a litter box concealer, here’s list of alternatives to hide your cat’s litter box or pan.

- You can place the litter box in the bathroom. The only drawback is that you will have to make it easily accessible to your cat. Either leave the door ajar or, if at all possible, install a kitty door.

- You can place the litter pan behind a screen (you can find attractive ones), a large piece of furniture or a large plant. This strategy will afford your cat with some needed privacy and it will also conceal the litter box.

- What about empty cabinets and chests? If you happen to have one around, maybe you can convert that old cabinet or unused large chest into your kitty’s very own toilet room. Again, make sure that your cat has easy access to it. If feasible, you can also install a flap door for easy access.

- If you happen to have a vacant or rarely used room, you can place the cat litter box in a corner and conceal it behind a chest or plant, for example. Littermaid Repair Manual
If you are having problems with your Littermaid cat box, don't despair... and don't run out and buy a new one just yet. This Littermaid Repair Guide will show you that most malfunctions can be easily repaired, saving you lots of money!

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