Cat Gyms

Cat gyms are multi-function pieces of cat furniture that will delight any cat. And, you can easily find them online.

So what is exactly a kitty gym? A kitty gym is an activity center designed to provide your cat with plenty of play and exercise areas.

Kitty gyms make a wonderful choice for young and very active cats. These activity centers will keep them entertained for long periods of time. This is also a great idea for multi-cat households. And, needles to say, these pieces of unique cat furniture make terrific cat lover gifts.

A kitty gym or cat tower?

Interactive Cat Tower Cat-Gym

Some gyms I’ve seen look very similar to cat towers. However, there are a few differences between kitty gyms and cat towers. For example, towers basically consist of several trays or shelves stacked one on top of the other. Some towers also come with condos or houses at the top or at the base.

A kitty gym, on the other hand, is more elaborate than a cat tower. In addition to having trays and condos, a kitty gym can also have steps and tunnels. Also, the trays, cradles, or platforms of a gym are placed at alternating levels and at different heights. These arrangements provide cats with more opportunities and alternatives to play and exercise.

Tri-Level Rest Stop Cat-Gym
And, of course, kitty gyms come with plenty of made-for-scratch surfaces. Most gyms have carpeted surfaces and many even come with built-in scratching posts. You will also find gyms with dangling toys attached.

Factors to consider

So you’ve decided to get a gym for you kitty or to give one as a present. Before you buy one, consider these factors:

-- Size: You can find kitty-gyms of varying sizes. Think about how much space you have available to place this piece.

Tri Plex Fun Center Cat-Gym
-- Surface: Some gyms come with carpeted surfaces. I’ve also found pieces that in addition to having carpeted areas also have sections covered with sisal rope. As I said previously, some gyms come with built-in scratching posts.

-- Multiple cats: Multi-tiered gyms are great for households with multiple cats.

-- Important: Make sure that the gym you select is safe and is made of sturdy materials. Also, the base of the gym should be stable and be wide enough to prevent the gym from tipping and falling over. This is especially important for taller and multi-tiered gyms.

Make your own

If you’re handy and like building things, you can build a cat gym for you kitty. You can even find free instructions on how to build one on several websites. Building your own gym gives you the satisfaction of creating something original without spending too much money.

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