Cat Furniture Tree

Is a cat furniture tree a good option for your cat? Cats love to climb. They jump on your furniture and window sills, climb doors and closets, crawl up drapes and any hanging item they come across. If your cat is allowed outdoors, he will certainly want to climb the nearest tree. That’s feline nature.

So what can be better than finding a safe outlet for your cat’s urge to climb? Fortunately, you will find tons of cat tree furniture out there. And many come at affordable prices.

Things to consider when buying a cat tree or cat tree condo:

    Layered Cat Tree
  • Size – Decide how much space you have available to place your cat tree. These pieces come in different sizes: from small trees that you can place in any corner to door to ceiling creations. You can certainly find one that fits your space.

  • Safety – Make sure the piece you choose is well-built and that it is safe ( your cat tree should be sturdy enough and have a big enough base to prevent tip overs). It also helps to buy a piece made of long-lasting materials.

  • Your budget – How much money can you spend? Do you want a simple design or a more elaborate one? You will find pieces to fit any budget: from high-end, custom-made cat tree condos to affordable yet functional cat trees. Deciding on a price limit will help you narrow your search.

  • Style – Last but not least, consider your style when choosing a cat furniture tree. Maybe you can find one that matches your home décor!

I hope these tips help you find the right piece of cat tree furniture.

Kitty trees

If you favor the colorful and trendy, consider this cosmic kitty tree. This psychedelic cat tree will delight your feline friends. It's a great idea for cats with a fun sense of style. It's also a great choice if you have multiple cats.

Cosmic Tree Condo

If your kitty prefers the "real thing", this cat tree might be just the piece. Modeled after a mushroom, its organic form will grace any spot on your home. The different trays placed at different heights will allow your cat to exercise a bit.

Mushroom Tree with Tub

Now, if you really want a "lifelike" tree, you will love this piece. And your cat will love it, too. Your cat will think he's out there in the jungle (or at least in the garden).

Seedling Lifelike Cat Tree

Affordable cat trees

If you are under a very strict budget, here are some pocket-friendly pieces.

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