Modern Cat Furniture

Tired of that old, boring cat furniture? Modern cat furniture will surely get rid of the boredom.

Are you ready to add a touch pizzazz to your kitty’s headquarters? Modern kitty furniture will certainly do the trick.

Indeed, modern feline furniture is all the rage. More and more cat owners want to integrate stylish cat furniture into their home décor.

And even though many modern pieces come with a hefty price tag, you can still find contemporary feline furniture at affordable prices.

Here’s a brief guide to modern feline furniture:

Modern cat furniture for all

Modern and unique cat furniture comes in different designs and prices. Some even look like works of art. And most of the pieces I’ve seen are practical as well. During the selection process, keep in mind the following factors:

  1. Your cat needs. Ask yourself: does she need a bed or a playpen?

  2. The space you have available to place the piece you select. Pieces come in different sizes.

  3. Safety. The piece of pet furniture you choose must be stable and made of safe (and durable) materials.

  4. Your home décor. This is especially important if you want a piece of pet furniture that matches your personal style.

  5. Comfort. Kitty must feel comfortable using the piece you choose. It’s no use if the piece is beautiful to look at but kitty won’t use it.

These are some types of modern furniture you may consider:

Sleek and elegant – Most modern pieces of cat furniture are elegant and sophisticated. Some are more abstract and jazzy. Some pieces stress the simplicity of their design while others accentuate organic lines. There is something to please most tastes.

You can find square and circular cat furniture with a decidedly contemporary feel. You can also find pieces featuring curves, waves, and slants. Some come in solid colors; others come in bright, multi-color designs.

Geometrical – Many associate modern design with geometrical shapes. You can find modern feline furniture in the shape of cubes, rectangles, triangles, and circles.

Staircase Condo

Baby Steps Cat Condo

Wavy Tube Cat Condo

Custom and designer pet furniture – For a truly unique piece, you can commission a piece of custom-made cat furniture. Some online stores give you this option. This is a wonderful alternative as you get to choose the model, size, and characteristics of the piece.

Zen-like – If you yearn for simplicity, you may choose an Asian-inspired piece of cat furniture. Bowl-shaped beds and simple shelves to mount on the wall are not only simple, but also practical and comfortable. How cool is that.

Go to our unique cat furniture page for more ideas.

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