Carpeted Cat Furniture

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Carpeted cat furniture offers several advantages: It is perfect for cats who love soft surfaces, it provides cats with plenty ofscratching surface, and many pieces of carpeted furniture offer ample areas to lounge on.

This type of pet furniture comes in different styles, colors and prices. You will surely find the perfect piece that will delight your four-legged friend. Below you will find additional information on the different choices of carpeted furniture for cats.

Types of carpeted cat furniture

There is a piece of cat furniture to please every one of your cat’s needs. As I said previously, carpeted furniture comes in different designs. So before you begin shopping for a piece of carpeted furniture, decide what type of furniture your cat needs.

Here’s a list of furniture that may come with carpeted surfaces:

Pet ramps and pet steps

These are perfect for older cats and for cats with arthritis and other ailments that may limit their movement. Many of these pieces are light and easy to move around. You may also find pet ramps and pet stairs with washable covers.

Sweetheart Staircase

From: Cat Furniture

Cat condos

This is one of most popular pieces of cat furniture. Kitty condos are versatile and practical: they not only serve as sleeping quarters, but they also offer playing and lounging areas. Carpeted condos also provide plenty of scratching surface.

The Scruff Kitty Condo

From: Cat Furniture

Cat tunnels

These fun pieces will provide kitty with long hours of entertainment.

Cats Cradle & Tunnel Center

From: Cat Furniture

Cat trees and towers

You can find trees and towers in different designs and sizes. These pieces are perfect for both active cats and multi-cat households.

Tropical Flower Cat Tree

From: Cat Furniture

As you can see, there are many options to choose from.

Additional information:

-- Ensure that the carpet used on your cat’s furniture is non-loop and cut-pile. This will prevent your cat’s nails from being caught.

-- Some carpeted cat furniture comes with posts covered with sisal rope. This is a great idea for kitties who love scratching. Sisal rope is stronger than carpet.

-- If you buy a cat tower or a cat tree, make sure that the piece is made of sturdy materials. In addition, the base should be wide and stable enough to prevent the piece from tipping and falling over.

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