Outdoor Cat Furniture

Consider getting outdoor cat furniture, if you have (or have access to) a yard, garden, patio or any other green space, and want you kitty to enjoy the nice weather. Undoubtedly, this makes a terrific cat lover gift.

Some people would rather keep their cats indoors at all times, but others want their pets to enjoy the outdoors. If you do let kitty outside, just ensure that he or she is safe and always monitor his or her activities.

Also consider getting your cat a piece of furniture especially designed for the outdoors. Of course, this is optional but it can be so much fun for your cat.

There are different types of outdoor cat furniture. Below you will find information about these pieces.

During the selection process take into account your cat needs: does he like playing or does she prefer napping? Does he need protection from the elements? Do you want kitty to remain contained within a specific area?

Also take into account the design and materials of the piece you want to buy. Will it fit the space you have available? Is it made of sturdy materials? Do you want a piece that is easy to keep clean and store away? Answering these questions will help you find the right piece of outdoor cat furniture for your cat (and you).

Types of cat furniture for the outdoors

All the pieces described below are perfect for outdoor cats.

Outdoor cat houses. There are good-quality cat houses especially designed for the outdoors. These are made of durable and weather-resistant materials. And many come equipped with heaters and other amenities, such as play areas and platforms for your cat to hang out. Your outdoor cat will absolutely love an outdoor cat house!

20 Inch Cedar Cat House with Platform, Loft

Containment systems and enclosures. These pieces give you the best of both worlds: they allow you to keep kitty safe and contained within one spot while he or she enjoys nature.

Kittywalk Grand Prix Package

Kittywalk Teepee Pet Containment System

Kittywalk Carnival Pet Containment Gym

Tents. Cat tents are the perfect portable outdoor cat furniture. They are easy to set up and store away, plus you will find some that are fairly economical. In addition, tents are perfect for small spaces.

Outdoor cat beds, heated beds, pads, and cabins. These luxury pieces will delight any cat! Indeed, your cat will enjoy the outdoors even during those chilly days. An outdoor cat bed is a treat any cat will certainly enjoy.

Portable outdoor furniture. This is the perfect solution for the occasional outdoor cat. Maybe you only allow your cat outside during the warm months of spring and summer. Maybe you don’t want a piece of cat furniture as a permanent fixture in your garden or backyard. If this is the case, then get a portable tent or cabin, which you can easily pack and store away when it’s not in use. This type of cat furniture is great for travel too.

Cat trees designed for the outdoors. It goes without saying, cats absolutely love climbing. And they will certainly enjoy a cat tree in the back yard while they watch the birds and the squirrels.

Here are a few inexpensive cat furniture ideas.

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