Cat Cookie Jars

Whimsical and Practical Cat Lover Gifts

Cat cookie jars are versatile. A cat cookie jar is not only a decorative piece but it's practical as well. A great idea is to give a cookie jar filled with cat cookies.

Certainly, cookie jars can be used not only to store cookies and other human foods, but they can also be used to store your cat’s treats and dry food - of course, never combine your treats with your cat's ;).

Cat jars come in different styles and sizes. I've found beautiful jars in both ceramic and glass, but you can find them in other materials as well.

Indeed, cat-themed cookie jars make a wonderful cat lover gift. Whether the gift is for a cat-loving friend or a cat, a cat cookie jar can be a fun and unique gift.

Below, you will find wonderful suggestions and ideas to help you personalize your gift. In addition, several online stores offer a wide selection of elegant, simple, and even modern-looking cookie jars. So if you don't want to decorate your own jar, you will surely find unique pieces to give as presents.

Nice fillers for gift baskets

Pet-themed gift baskets have become very popular. Adding a fun small cat cookie jar to a gift basket is a great idea.

Another great idea is to give a customized cookie jar. See below for tips on how to do this. This would make a unique gift for cat lover, so give it a try.

Treats and goodies you can include in your jar

To double the fun, you can also fill the cookie jar with delicious treats. Certainly, cat cookie jars are perfect to fill with different types of goodies for both your human and furry friends, even if it's a small cookie jar. Here are some ideas:

For Cats: Catnip, cat treats. You can also include mouse toys, catnip toys, rattle balls, and catnip-scented bubbles. Including accessories such as brushes, bowls, and nail clippers is also a good idea.

For Humans: Cookies (of course), candy, chips, dry fruit and gourmet cheese. Also, you can include small plush cats or a cat-themed keychain. An excellent idea is to give a cat jar filled with cat cookies! Indeed, who can resist a yummy cat cookie?

TIP: Give two cookie jars: one for your human friend and one for your furry friend. They'll both be happy!

Decorating your own cookie jars

For those who love creative projects, what about decorating your own cookie jars? You can get a plain, solid-color cookie jar and add your own designs. Visit your local craft store for materials, classes and ideas. Fun ideas to decorate your cookie jar include:

  • Paint them! Depending on your friend’s taste you can use bright colors or subtle pastels. You can also create fun and unique designs.

  • To give it a unique touch, use stickers.

  • Add glitter.

  • Use photos to personalize your cookie jar.

Cookie jars as collectibles

Cat cookie jars make great collectibles for cat lovers! Maybe you or your friends would like to start a cat-themed cookie jar collection.

There is a wide selection of cookie jars: from the traditional to the whimsical, and from the artistic to the practical. These fun pieces come in different sizes too. You can find unique cookie jars online or at street fairs and flea markets. You can also find great pieces at online auctions.

TIP: If your budget allows it, you can give antique or vintage cookie jars.

Use a cookie jar as a gift basket

Get a really big, over-sized cookie jar and fill it up with sweets and other goodies. You can include items such as: crackers, chocolates, dry fruit, gourmet cheese, books about cats, small picture frames, ornaments, figurines, and cat treats.

This will make your gift basket unique and more fun! If you'd rather give a traditional basket visit our pet gift basket page for more ideas.

TIP: An alternative to using cat cookie jars is to use kitchen canisters. You can even find sets of canisters of different sizes.

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