Cute Cat Videos

A cute cat video is always fun to watch. The cat videos presented here feature lots of cute kitties. Some are among the cutest cats I've ever seen.

Cats are so cute. As a typical cat lover I love watching videos of cats, and here I share with you some cute videos I found on YouTube. Cat lovers can’t resist a cute kitty!

To watch these videos of cats, just hit the play button (the arrow in the middle of the screen).


Adorable cute kittens

These are some of the cutest cats I ever saw. Awwww…

This kitty is so sleepy... He (or she) can barely stay up. Undoubtedly, kittens (just like babies) are some of the cutest things.

And another cute video

Here's another sleepy cat. Apparently, this cat likes to talk before taking a cat nap.

Life is good

Don't worry, be a happy cat. Indeed, this cat is living the good life.

Swimming cats!

Apparently, cats instinctively know how to swim. Who knew cats could enjoy water? Well, at least some of them do, as these videos can attest.

And here's Charlie the cat, getting a feel for the water...Maybe it's a little too cold?

I'll be updating this page regularly, so check back often to watch the latest videos of cute felines.

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