Funny Cat Videos

Funny cat videos are always a joy to watch. Indeed, videos of felines are the delight of cat lovers everywhere. If you are looking for a funny cat video, you’ve come to the right place. Funny cats rock!

Images of cats playing, frolicking, and just plain having fun will surely cheer up any cat lover. Indeed, who can resist watching cute cats doing funny things? I certainly can't.

Here’s a small compilation of videos of funny cats for you to enjoy, courtesy of the video-makers and YouTube.

Funny cats = Lots of Laughter

I need a nap… This planter is really comfy

This is one of my favorite funny cat clips. If you want to sleep well, you have to find the right spot as this kitty shows. Cats have a way of finding the weirdest places to catch up on their sleep.

Me and my Mac

A high tech kitten. He's getting the hang of this computer thing.

Talk to me

This is another funny cats video. Cats seems to have a preference for sinks. And this one loves to talk about the whole experience.

Would you listen to me, please…

Another very vocal cat. Reminds me of my own (very talkative cat).

Have a favorite video already? Here’s more:

How to have a conversation with your kitten

This kitten loves chatting with her owner. Sooo cute.

Another (very funny) talking kitty

This video ranks high among my favorites.

Do I really have to get up? Now? Just five more minutes...

I hope you enjoyed these very funny cats. If you’d like to see more funny cat movies check the links below:

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