Funny Cat Movies

Looking for funny cat movies? Here’s a collection of funny cat videos brought to you in affiliation with YouTube.

Aren’t cats some of the funniest creatures? They are smart, and serious, and sophisticated… but they can be quite hilarious as well. And they accomplish that without even trying.

Some funny movie cats include: Garfield, Felix the Cat, and the Cat in the Hat. Indeed, if you want to have a good time, watch a funny cat movie like Here Comes Garfield (1982).

But not all funny cats are movie stars. In fact, some of the funniest cats are your everyday pets.

So if you want to lift your spirits, have a good laugh, start the day with a dose of "feline fun", take a look at the following funny videos of cats.

Funny cat videos

This is one of the most-viewed cat videos on YouTube.

Cat Massage

Oh, that feels good...

Cats on a treadmill

Hey everybody needs a little exercise…

The swimming cat

Hawkeye swims and scuba dives…

Kitten vs. RoboDog

Sooo cute...

Have a favorite funny cat video? I like them all. If you want to watch more cat and kitten videos, visit the pages listed below.

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