Videos of Very Funny Cats

Watching videos of very funny cats will lift the spirit of any cat lover. Just watch a cat video on a rainy day, and the sun will come out.

If you're feeling down, a funny cat video will surely cheer you up.

No matter what the problem may be, a cat video will put a smile on your face.

I love watching cats and kittens in humorous situations. Their antics are so entertaining. Felines can be quite hilarious, indeed. So if you love cats and kittens, you will enjoy the funny cat videos shown below. It's wonderful entertainment for every cat lover on your family.

Funny Videos of Cats

The videos of funny felines shown here are brought to you courtesy of YouTube and the video makers. At the end of each video you will be presented with similar videos in case you're interested in watching more funny feline videos.

Kitty with toy. A very funny kitty, indeed…

Ummm, this toy is so much fun. It makes me so excited. It makes me want to jump...

Gotta know your enemy

This brave and adorable Siamese kitten thinks the stuffed cat is real. Funny and cute.

Cats... that's entertainment!

This is a wonderful compilation of home videos featuring funny felines. Documenting your cats funny moments is wonderful.

A curious and very funny cat

He is like "Let me explore this place". He's fearless and adventurous, just like a kitten. What a sweet kitty, all fluffy and cuddly… awwww.

I hope you enjoyed the videos shown in this page. For more videos and pictures of cats, visit the pages below.

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