Funny Talking Cats

Funny talking cats have taken over the Internet…Or so it seems. Just do a search on Google and you’ll find lots of funny videos of cats. Every video sharing website carries videos featuring cats and kittens, and apparently, talking cats are quite popular.

And, as some of the videos below show, cats enjoy engaging in conversation with humans. One of my cats answers me back whenever I ask him a question...Or so it seems. You will also notice that Siamese cats really like to talk - they are very vocal - which is a signature trait of their breed.

The videos presented in this page feature some of the most humorous talking felines on the Net. These clips always make me smile. I hope you enjoy them, too.

Jupiter enjoys having conversations with his human companion

What a lovely white cat. And he enjoys chatting with humans. How cool.

Jupiter catches a bug…

Okay, Jupiter talks until the end of the clip, but he is so cute, and funny. Did he really say “mama”? Judge for yourself.

A very funny talking cat

This beautiful Siamese cat can’t stand those birds flying outside his window. My cat Max also meows very loudly when the pigeons come visit him. He doesn’t like it at all.

I hope you enjoyed these cat videos. Cats are very humorous creatures (despite their dignified nature). I especially love cats who speak their minds - like the kitties shown on these videos.

I love watching cat videos. They always brighten up my day. If you want to see more videos, check the links below.

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Funny cat videos

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