Your cat will love
a homemade catnip toy

A homemade catnip toy will provide your cat with long hours of entertainment.

Catnip produces a stimulating effect on cats; therefore, a cat-nip toy will absolutely delight any cat.

You can certainly find a wide selection of fine catnip toys, but if you don’t want to spend money or don’t want to buy new toys, you can spruce up old cat-nip toys and/or make simple cat-nip toys for little or no cost. Below you will find several tips and ideas to help you get started.

Visit our cat-nip toys page to learn more about the different types of catnip filled toys you can find online.

Homemade catnip toy ideas

Here are some easy-to-make cat-nip toys. Most cost very little or nothing at all. In some instances, you don’t even have to create anything, just revitalize something old or convert simple items into fun toys with little effort.

Refill old toys

Have any old cat-nip toys around the house? Revamp them! Sometimes cats lose interest in their old cat-nip toys, so an excellent way to make these toys fresher and more attractive is to refill them with fresh catnip. Even if the toy is not refillable, you can still sprinkle and/or rub dried catnip leaves over the toy. You can do this with mouse toys, ball toys, and feather toys. The scent of catnip will work wonders and will bring these toys back to life.

Plush toys

Remove the filling of plush toys and refill them with fresh catnip. I like small plush toys myself, as they are easier for your cat to carry on their mouths. As a precaution, make sure that the toy does not contain any small parts that your cat might easily swallow. Make sure you remove any strings. Also, the toy should be child-safe.

Catnip sock

If you have old and/or odd socks lying around, don’t throw them out. They make perfect cat-nip toys. Make a sack out of the old/odd sock and fill it with catnip. You may just fill the tip of the sock and cut the rest, if you want. Sew the end closed or tie it into a tight knot. Your cat will be delighted.

Catnip bag

If you like to sew, you may create fun catnip bags for your kitty. Just make a small sac of fabric and fill it with catnip. It doesn't have to be square, have fun making bags in different shapes.

If you want a longer-lasting toy, then you may use burlap, canvas, or any other type of sturdy fabric to make your catnip bag.

Playing with catnip

Most cats love playing with catnip. So you may use catnip itself as a toy. Sprinkle a few catnip leaves on the floor or in a cardboard box. Your cat will have lots of fun.

You can also put catnip on your cat’s scratching post. And, remember to sprinkle catnip on any of your kitty’s toys. That will catch their attention.

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