Homemade Cat Toys

Want to get an inexpensive toy for your cat? Homemade cat toys make a wonderful choice. Don’t know how to make a cat toy? Don’tworry, here you will find several tips to help you design your own cat toys, or to convert simple items you can find around the house into fun homemade cat toys for your cat.

It goes without saying: Cats love to play. And they will play with anything interesting that crosses their path. My cats, for example, love to play with paper bags, curtain rings, and other similar things. Sometimes they enjoy these homemade cat toys more than the toys we buy for them.

Don’t get me wrong, I love buying toys for my cats. There are plenty of high-quality cat toys out there. If, however, you want to save some money, or just want to try your hand at making your own toys, then here you will find a few ideas to help you get started.

Toys you can easily make

The following toys are easy to make and cost very little. And, these homemade cat toys will provide your cat with long hours of entertainment.

Make a "cat bag"

Cut two pieces of sturdy fabric into any shape you want (I prefer squares), and then sew the pieces together, leaving one side open. Stuff the bag with cotton, shredded fabric, or catnip. Then, sew the remaining opening closed– and voila, you have an inexpensive stuffed toy. If you want, you can sprinkle some catnip onto the bag to make it even more appealing. Go to our catnip toys page for more ideas. And here are more catnip toy ideas.

Paper toys

Take a sheet of paper and crumple it into a ball. Kitty will love to chase after it. The beauty of this homemade cat toy is that it’s easy to make and easy to dispose of. And, you can make as many as you want.

Another fun toy is to make a paper airplane for kitty to chase after. Of course, this toy requires your participation, but you’ll both have a great time.

Toilet paper cardboard rolls

This is another easy-to-make toy. Take a toilet paper roll and cut into smaller pieces (cylinders) and place them on the floor for your kitty to play with. They can roll them, toss them up, and bat at them. My cats love these "toys".

An alternate version is to close both ends of the cardboard cylinders with duct tape, and fill the piece with one or two small jingle bells. Make sure that both ends are fully covered and firmly secured to prevent the bells from slipping out.

Toys made of socks

If you have old socks lying around, make them into fun cat toys. Just roll one sock into a ball and you have an instant toy for your kitty. An alternative is to fill the tip of the sock with catnip and sew the end closed, or tie the end into a knot.

Paper bags

Cats love bags in general, and paper bags in particular. Just get a good size grocery paper bag and place it sideways. Cats can't resist peeking inside the bag. Your cat will spend long hours playing with it. Important: If the bag has any handles, remove them before giving the bag to your cat. This action will prevent any accidents.

Extremely important: Never use a plastic bag as your cat can suffocate if he/she places his/her head inside it. Or, he/she can rip the bag to pieces and get tangled up.

Food puzzle

Make a food puzzle using a small cardboard cylinder, such as the ones that come with snacks or potato chips. Clean the cylinder really well, cut a few holes on the sides, place a few cat treats inside, and put the lid on really tight. Place the cylinder on its side and get it rolling. Kitty will spend some time chasing the cylinder and trying to get those juicy treats out. After your kitty has had some fun with this toy, you can easily dispose of it.

Toys found around the house

Many items we have around the house can be turned into fun homemade cat toys your kitty will simply love. Here are some examples:

Old boas

If you (or someone in your home) have an old boa lying around and you don’t have any use for it, then use it to play with your cat. Feathers and chenille boas make fun toys. Just make sure you supervise your kitty when playing with it. This is especially true if the boa is made of feathers. You don’t want kitty swallowing all those feathers.

Ping pong ball

This is a ready-to-use toy, and it’s the perfect size (therefore safe) for your cat to enjoy. They will not only enjoy chasing after it, but also they will enjoy the noise.

Tennis ball

Have a tennis ball you don’t use? It will make a good and fun cat toy. Similar to the ping pong ball, your cat will love running after and playing with it.

Cardboard box

Cats love cardboard boxes. So this makes an easy toy for your cat. You can get cardboard boxes in different sizes. My cats love small boxes where they can barely fit.

You can also use a bigger box and make a “house” for your kitty. Place the box upside down, cut an opening on one side (this will be the “door”). You can also cut holes on the other sides of the box so that kitty can peek outside.

More homemade cat toys

Still need more homemade cat toy ideas? Then read on for more tips and toy ideas...

Revamp old toys

Have an old cat toy you kitty no longer pays attention to? Revamp it! To make the toy more appealing, glue a couple of feathers to it (use non-toxic glue to do this). You can also attach a pet bell or two. Or, if it’s a refillable catnip toy, refill it with fresh catnip. If it’s not a refillable toy, you can still sprinkle dried leaves of catnip over the toy. The scent of catnip will get kitty’s attention.

Plush toys

Small, child-safe, plush toys also make wonderful cat toys. You can remove the filling and replace it with catnip and/or jingle bells, and sew the end closed. Your cat will be delighted.

Important: If possible, supervise your cat while he/she plays with his/her toys. And make sure that his/her toys are safe. These toys should not be too small, or contain easily detachable small parts that your cat might swallow. Also, ensure that the toys do not contain string, which can cause your cat to get all tangled up and cause injury, or sharp objects, which could hurt your cat.

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