Cat Chew Toys

Cat chew toys? Did you think chew toys were only for dogs? Actually, there are chew toys especially designed for felines.

Why would a cat need a chew toy? There are several reasons:

Many kitties enjoy chewing things around the house and some of these objects might be dangerous to your cat. One of my cats, for example, used to chew my computer’s power cable. Other cats may chew sneakers, socks, and rubber bands - among many other objects. If cats manage to break whatever they’re chewing into smaller parts, they can easily swallow them. A chew toy provides cats with a safer outlet to assuage their chewing urges.

Cat chew toys may also enhance cats’ dental health by strengthening their teeth. That’s right, cats - just like dogs – can benefit from chew toys. Luckily, you can find different types of chew toys, including mice and rattles (see below for additional information).

Undoubtedly, your cat will enjoy a cat chew toy. The benefits of chew toys are threefold:

  1. Chew toys prevent cats from chewing other objects (including hazardous items) around the house.

  2. They provide health benefits.

  3. They will provide your cat with long hours of entertainment and exercise.

Chew toys are great for cats of all ages, but they are especially great for kittens that are teething and for active young cats with more-than-average chewing urges.

Types of chew toys

There are different types of chew toys for cats. Here are the most popular chew toys you can easily find online:

Dental chew toys. Popular options include chew rings, fish and rubber rolls. These toys are designed to remove soft tartar from the cat's teeth. A chew toy also flosses and massages your cat’s teeth and gums while he or she plays with it. Cats of all ages will enjoy these toys.

Mouse toys. Cats love mouse toys, so they will love mouse chew toys. These chew toys come in different designs and sizes, and some – as previously mentioned – are also dental toys.

Catnip-filled chew toys. Chew toys + catnip = more fun for your cat. She will absolutely love a chew toy filled with catnip. You can also rub catnip on any chew toy. This will certainly add another level of fun for your cat.

Plush toys. Soft toys are another great alternative for your cat to chew on. You can also convert an old sock into a plush chew toy. Just turn the sock into a ball and voila, you have a no-cost chew toy for your cat. For added fun, sprinkle a few catnip leaves on the sock.

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