of the Bengal House Cat

The Bengal house cat comes in different colors and patterns. The most popular color variation being the brown tabby.

The following are some of the accepted color and pattern combinations for competition.

Note: For this article I’m using the TICA breed standard).

Bengal cat colors

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  • Black Silver Tabby
  • Brown Spotted Tabby
  • Brown Marbled Tabby
  • Seal Mink Spotted Tabby
  • Seal Mink Marbled Tabby
  • Seal Sepia Spotted Tabby
  • Seal Sepia Marbled Tabby
  • Seal Silver Sepia Tabby
  • Seal Spotted Lynx Point
  • Seal Marbled Lynx Point

Interestingly, in Bengal house cats, the color brown encompasses several shades of brown – from near-black to gorgeous tones of bronze, copper, gray, gold, and rich fawn. You will also find silver and "snow" Bengals, which have a creamy-white color under their spots.

Color summary

Bengals come in the following colors:

  • Brown and its variations (from the lightest shade to almost black)

  • "Snow" colors: Seal Lynx Points, Seal Minks, and Seal Sepias

  • Silver

There are, of course, some colors that are not accepted for competition. These colors are rare, too. What are these unrecognized colors?

  • Blue

  • Chocolate

  • Cinnamon

  • Red

Patterns and Markings

Bengal KittenThe only accepted patterns for competition are the spotted and the marbled.

Spotted pattern. It consists of distinctive spots and rosettes, giving Bengals a leopard-like appearance.

In this pattern, rosettes should be of two clearly defined shades. Spots can be large or small. They can also be random or arranged horizontally.

Marbled pattern. The marbled pattern showcases dramatic swirls and diagonal lines. It resembles the beautiful patterns of marble stone, hence the name.

Glittering. Some Bengal cats appear as if gold dust has been sprinkled all over their bodies. This opalescent shimmer gives these felines a unique look. This trait is not a Bengal marking per se, but it is worth mentioning.

Eye Color

TICA states that eye color in the Bengal house cat is independent of coat color, except in the lynx points. Lynx point Bengals should have blue eyes. The eye color in Seal Minks and Seal Sepias can be copper, green (aqua) or gold.

Coat length

The acceptable coat length for Bengals is short to medium. Occasionally, Bengal kittens with slightly longer hair are accepted for competition. It is rare to find long-haired Bengal cats, but you will find them.

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