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If you are an animal lover, you will enjoy the collection of animal quotations presented here.

Animals – both wild and domestic – never cease to amaze us. They teach us many lessons: love, passion, the ability to enjoy life, and many more. It is no wonder that animals big and small have inspired so many people.

Quotations about animals

Here’s a small sample of animal quotes that will certainly lift your spirits:

Cats names are more for human benefit. They give one a certain degree more confidence that the animal belongs to you. ~ Alan Ayckbourn

Wild Animals

Kittens are born with their eyes shut. They open them in about six days, take a look around, then close them again for the better part of their lives. ~ Stephen Baker

Animal totems, like the tiger, come from the Other Side to protect us while we are away from Home. ~ Sylvia Browne

The fingerprint of God is often a pawprint. ~ Susan Chernak McElroy

Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages. ~ Thomas A. Edison

To my mind, the life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being. ~ Mohandas Gandhi

Man is a reasoning rather than a reasonable animal. ~ Alexander Hamilton

What's virtue in a man can't be virtue in a cat. ~ Gail Hamilton

Only animals were not expelled from Paradise. ~ Milan Kundera

There is nothing in which the birds differ more from man than the way in which they can build and yet leave a landscape as it was before. ~ Robert Lynd

A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere. ~ Groucho Marx

Which of us has not been stunned by the beauty of an animal's skin or its flexibility in motion? ~ Marianne Moore

Animals share with us the privilege of having a soul. ~ Pythagoras

Men show their superiority inside; animals, outside. ~ Russian Proverb

We have a couple of dogs, but I wouldn't describe myself as an animal person. ~ Pamela Stephenson

I have developed a deep respect for animals. I consider them fellow living creatures with certain rights that should not be violated any more than those of humans. ~ Jimmy Stewart actor

Some of my best leading men have been dogs and horses. ~ Elizabeth Taylor

An actor is never so great as when he reminds you of an animal - falling like a cat, lying like a dog, moving like a fox. ~ Francois Truffaut

Many dogs will give a greeting grin much like a human smile. ~ Richard A. Wolters

Animal quotations from the publishers of

Animals bring cheer to our lives.

What can be more joyful than a wagging tail?

Animals are great teachers of compassion.

Unconditional love also comes in furry bodies.

A look into the eyes of your pet can ease the sorrow of your soul.

Pets are angels in disguise.

Animals understand harmony better than many humans.

Beasts big and small embrace life with innocence, curiosity and gusto.

Who wouldn’t want to be as free as a bird?

Horses are walking, living, breathing masterpieces.

There is no paradise without animals.

Cats are angels, too.

Usually animals are the best company you may have.

Animals can express so much without saying a single word.

Cats know they are our masters and they never forget to enforce their authority.

A dog will fill your life with sunshine, laughter and unadulterated joy.

Puppies will always warm your heart.

Pets are a tiny bit of heaven.

Horses embody power, beauty and strength.

Wild beasts know more about the mysteries of nature than humans do.

Feline beauty is heavenly.

Cats know how to get what they want. Now.

Kittens are a universe of cuteness packed into a tiny bundle. And they know it!

Animals always follow their inner compass.

Spirit dwells in all of nature, including creatures big and small.

Running Horse

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