Cat Songs

I don’t why but there are lots of cat songs out there. It could be that cats have that that je ne sais quoi (a mysterious quality) that inspires songwriters of different genres.

Some tunes mentioned below are true odes to felines. Others are not really about cats, but they are inspired by cats' irks and quirks.

And yet others have nothing to do with cats, but have the words cat or cats in the title.

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I hope you enjoy the selection of different songs about cats presented here. B

Do you like cats music?

Then you will enjoy the following feline-inspired songs.

Waltzy for Mitzy

by Laurent Carrer

This beautiful tune is a tribute to a wonderful cat who died too young. You can listen to it for free or you can download it for $1. Just click on the title above. You will love it!

Señor Don Gato (was a cat)

by Anonymous

A children’s song, Señor Don Gato tells the story of a house cat who receives a letter from his sweetheart telling him she has accepted his marriage proposal.

In his excitement, Don Gato (who was sitting on a roof) falls to the ground. His injuries are so bad that he dies. But as his funeral procession passes the general market, the strong aroma of fish brings him to life.

Listen to the song and watch the video

Cat Tales of the Feline Persuasion

By Various Artists (Compact Rose Music)

This album of 10 cat songs is a treat for all cat lovers. Songs include: Meow, Open That Can, The Cats of the Coliseum, Rudy's Big Adventure, The Familiar, Our Cats, Guide Cats for the Blind, My Pretty Kitty, Le Chat Gris, and The Dog of Time.

You can go over to this website to read the lyrics. They’re so much fun.

The Cat Album

by Doug Newman

This is another fantastic collection of songs about cats. Inspired by the songwriter’s cats, The Cat Album is a heartfelt tribute to our feline friends.

Here are the titles of some of the songs included in the album: Kitty Hairball, Tomcat, I’m Not a Cat Person, and Where Does My Kitty Go. Go to Doug Newman’s website, where you can listen to song clips and read the lyrics to the songs.

Garfield Songs

by Various Artists

You will find several Garfield songs. Indeed, Garfield is a favorite among cat lovers of all ages. Some of his songs are compiled in albums like Garfield's Top 15 Silly Songs for Cool Cats by The Wonder Kids and Am I Cool or What? by various artists. The latter includes the following songs: Shake Your Paw, I Love It When I'm Naughty and Fat Is Where It's At.

More songs about cats

Cats are true fountains of inspiration. These are other songs about our furry companions...

The Cat’s Meow – Christina Muir

The Owl and the Pussycat (from Calico Pie and Other Nonsense) (2002) by Gary Bachlund. This is a song for voice (soprano) and piano.

The Monk and His Cat (also a song for voice and piano), from Hermit Songs by Samuel Barber.

Cat songs?

Here are more "cat songs". Although most of these tunes are feline-inspired, they are not really about real cats.

The Cat - Jimmy Smith. This 1964 album includes an instrumental song with the same title.

Nashville Cats - Lovin' Spoonful.

Tommy the Cat - Primus

Ten Cats Down – a high energy tune performed by the Miller Sisters

A Cat has Nine Lives – Hank Thompson. Country music at its best.

Feline Felony - Christina Muir

Black Cat - Janet Jackson.

So which is your favorite cat song? For more cats music, please visit our page about songs about cats.

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