A cat mouse toy

makes a perfect gift for kitty

It goes without saying: A cat mouse toy makes a great gift for kitty.

Cats love playing. They particularly enjoy chasing crittersand anything that moves. Cats also love small furry things. I guess that’s their hunting instinct at play. Needless to say, cats will always welcome cat toys.

Cats love all type of cat toys: ball toys, rattles, and feathered toys, to name a few. And among kitty’s favorites are mouse toys, of course. And obviously, cat mouse toys make perfect gifts for cats (and their owners). Below you will find a guide to selecting the perfect mouse toy for your cat.

Factors to consider when shopping for mouse toys

-- Cat mouse toys come in different sizes: From the lifelike little mice, to the large, mechanical, battery operated rodents. Consider what type of cat toy will please your cat the most and go from there.

-- You can also find mouse toys in assorted colors and styles. You can find traditional mouse toys, mice with feathers, burlap mouse toys, and catnip filled mouse toys, among many others. You can even find scratching posts in the shape of a big mouse.

Gift ideas

Interactive mouse toys

There is a wide selection of interactive cat toys, and mouse toys are among cats’ favorites. You can find battery operated mouse toys in different sizes and prices. There are even remote control mouse toys. You will certainly find one that will please both your kitty and your pocket. Indeed, this type of toy will keep your cat entertained for hours on end.

Catnip-filled mouse toys

These toys will certainly delight any cat. They come in different sizes and styles as well. For extra fun, get a refillable mouse toy. This way you can remove the old catnip once it loses its power and replace it with fresh catnip.

More gift ideas

-- You can always include a cat mouse toy or two in a gift basket. Another idea is to design a gift basket around this theme and include mouse toys of different types: traditional mouse toys, feathered mouse toys, and interactive mouse toys, for example.

-- You can also give a couple of mouse toys by themselves or you can give them along with other cat gifts.

-- Another idea is to give a pack of several mouse toys.

Revamp old toys

Does your cat have a lot of mouse toys? Is he bored with them? Revitalize them! Maybe you've heard it before: re-use, re-purpose, re-package. Here are some ideas to make the old new again:

  • Add feathers: Cats love feathers, so adding a feather or two to that old mouse toy will work wonders.

  • Sprinkle and/or rub fresh catnip on his or her old toys. The fresh scent will delight your cat and will encourage him or her to play. Kitty will love it!

  • Put the toys away for some time and reintroduce them to your cat after some time. He or she will think it’s a new toy.

Go to our homemade cat toy page for additional ideas.

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