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I'm pretty sure most cats will love a remote control cat toy. Remote control toys are not only for humans anymore.

Fortunately for cat owners, you can find a wide variety of remote control toys especially designed for cats. These "high tech" toys are more expensive than your regular mice toy, though. However, you can find good-quality remote control toys for under $25.00.

Below you will find a guide to the different types of remote control toys for cats. Luckily, you can easily find most of these toys online.

Why should you buy a remote control toy for kitty?

You may ask yourself why your cat would want a remote control toy. You may think your cat can perfectly have a good time with a regular cat toy. Here are some reasons why your kitty will enjoy one of these toys.

  1. Cats love things that move.

  2. Cats love things that make noise.

  3. A remote control toy will encourage your cat to move and exercise more.

  4. It’s a great interactive cat toy.

  5. You can have a great time playing with your cat. Indeed, it will be a fantastic bonding opportunity.

  6. It’s just plain fun.

Types of remote control cat toys

There are different types of remote control toys to choose from. The most popular are mouse toys, for obvious reasons. Here’s a very brief list:

--Lifelike mice– These motorized toys will provide your cat with long hours of fun. One choice is the Remote Control Mouse, from Smarthome. This toy looks like the real thing.

--Mini mouse toys – One of the most popular is the Remote Control Mini MicroMouse, which you can find at many pet stores.

--Gift Packs – You may also find packs of different cat toys, including a remote control cat toy. Cats will enjoy the variety.

Other battery operated toys:

--Motorized balls – The Wild Tail Crazy Chase is a great option. Even though it’s not operated by remote control, this battery operated toy will delight any cat.

--Other toys - You will also find rotating laser cat toys. These toys are automatic and many cats will enjoy them.

Keep checking back as I will be adding more cat toy suggestions and reviews soon.

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