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Have a big cat? Big cats need big cat toys! My cat Max weighs almost 20 lbs. He’s always been large, even when he was a kitten. Early on, I noticed that he would play with the bigger toys: big mice, balls and plush toys of different shapes.

By contrast, Mia (his sister) loved small mice and other small toys. She never cared for those extra large critters. And she was a big lady! I guess it’s just a matter of taste.

Black CatSo if your kitty prefers large cat toys, you will find several options below.

In addition, you will find plush toys in the shape of "big cats", such as lions, tigers, cougars, and leopards. Some of them are very good reproductions of the real thing.

These stuffed toys make wonderful gifts for children of all ages.

Big Toys for Cats

Playing allows your indoor cats to exercise. Regular activity will help your cat stay healthy and happy. Luckily, there are lots of kitty toys - both large and small - to choose from. Of course, the focus of this page is on big toys. Here are some ideas:

Big feline toys from

Toys inspired by the big cats

These cuddly toys are wonderful for children...

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Our Cats

Mia (1998-2010)

Mia the CatMia was lovely, courageous, and one of the wisest cats I've ever met. This site is dedicated to her memory.


Max the CatMax is our very own magical cat. He loves big mouse toys and is an avid bird watcher.

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