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Tom and Jerry Cartoons

Tom and Jerry - created by William Hannah and Joseph Barbera - have been around for quite a while. Indeed, the career of these two beloved characters has been prolific and long.

Below you will find a list of some of the classic Tom and Jerry short films. My all-time favorites are The Cat Concerto and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse.

Of the shorts mentioned below, Fred Quimby produced the films made between 1940 to 1955. The team of Hannah and Barbera produced the shorts from 1956 to 1958.

Here's the list:

--Puss Gets the Boot (1940) – Academy Award Nomination

--The Midnight Snack (1941)

--The Night Before Christmas (1941) – Academy Award Nomination

--Dog Trouble (1942)

--Puss ‘N’ Toots (1942)

--Sufferin’ Cats (1943)

--Baby Puss (1943)

--The Million Dollar Cat (1944)

--The Body Guard (1944)

--The Mouse Comes to Dinner (1945)

--Mouse in Manhattan (1945)

--Springtime for Thomas (1946)--Trap Happy (1946)

--Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse (1947) – Academy Award Nomination

--The Invisible Mouse (1947)

--Professor Tom (1948)

--Mouse Cleaning (1948)

--The Cat and The Mermouse (1949)

--Hatch Up Your Troubles (1949) – Academy Award Nomination

--Jerry's Diary (1949)

--Texas Tom (1950)

--Jerry and the Lion (1950)

--His Mouse Friday (1951)

--Cat Napping (1951)

--Cruise Cat (1952)

--Jerry and Jumbo (1953)

--Life with Tom (1953)

--Touche, Pussy Cat! (1954) – Academy Award Nomination

--Mouse for Sale (1955)

--Blue Cat Blues (1956)

--Mucho Mouse (1957)

--Robin Hoodwinked (1958)

And the award goes to...

Most of the Tom and Jerry cartoons were not only hugely popular, but were also critically acclaimed. Here are the Academy Award Winners:

--The Yankee Doodle Mouse (1943)

--Mouse Trouble (1944)

--Quiet Please (1945)

--The Cat Concerto (1947)

--The Little Orphan (1949)

--The Two Mousketeers (1952)

--Johann Mouse (1953)

Didn’t find your favorite Tom and Jerry cartoon? Check below for more Tom and Jerry films and specials.

Television shows and specials

TV Shows

--The New Tom and Jerry/Grape Ape Show, The Tom and Jerry/Grape Ape/Mumbly Show, and The Tom and Jerry/Mumbly Show (ran from 1975 through 1977 on ABC)

--The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show (1980, debuted on CBS)

--Tom and Jerry and Kids (1990, debuted on FOX)

--Tom and Jerry Tales (2006, broadcast by Kid’s WB and The CW)


--The Mansion Cat (2000, premiered on The Cartoon Network)

--The Karate Guard (2006, The Cartoon Network)

Tom and Jerry Movies


--Tom and Jerry: The Movie (1993, Turner Pictures Worldwide)

--Tom and Jerry: The Fast and The Furry (2006, Kidtoon Films). This film was first released on DVD in 2005.

Made for DVD

--Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring (2001, Warner Bros.)

--Tom and Jerry: Blast off to Mars (2004, Warner Bros.)

--Tom and Jerry: Shiver me Whiskers (2006)

--Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale (2007)

Gift Ideas

For a devoted Tom and Jerry fan, the gift of a collection of their celebrated cartoons is the perfect choice. Here are some suggestions:

--Tom and Jerry: Tales (DVD, Vols. 1-5) (general info, including plots, release dates)

--Tom and Jerry’s Greatest Chases (DVD, 2004)

--Tom and Jerry – Whiskers Away Full 10 episode version (DVD, 2003)

--Tom and Jerry – Spotlight Collection, Volume 2 (DVD, 2005)

--Check out these Tom and Jerry pictures. They make fantastic gifts.

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