Tom and Jerry Movie Information

Are you a Tom and Jerry movie fan? Here's some information about the two theatrically released feature films starring this pair.

With Tom and Jerry: The Movie, the energetic cat-and-mouse duo returns to the big screen, bringing us more fun and new adventures.

Released in 1993, this Tom and Jerry movie is the only feature-length film theatrically distributed worldwide. The movie was directed and produced by Phil Roman and Joseph Barbera, one of the series co-creator, was the creative consultant.

Tom and Jerry: The Movie did not fare well with movie critics, getting mostly negative reviews. Furthermore, the film did poorly at the box office. Despite all this, many fans were happy to see Tom and Jerry back together.

In this movie version - unlike previous shorts, in which they are constantly battling each other - Tom and Jerry are good friends. They are also given spoken dialogue. Another departure from previous films is the introduction of musical numbers.


The story revolves around the homeless Tom and Jerry and their friendship with a young girl in trouble. Robyn is a sweet girl who runs away from her evil aunt in order to reunite with her father. This dynamic duo joins forces with Robyn to help her in her quest. Robyn’s aunt locks Tom and Jerry up in pet prison, but she’s no match for this pair. They escape from jail and embark in a music-filled, wild adventure.

Main Cast

Richard Kind (Tom’s voice)

Dana Hill (Jerry’s voice)

Andy McAfee (Robyn’s voice)

Charlotte Rae (Aunt Pristine)

Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry

Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry is another Tom and Jerry film based on several short films created by William Hannah and Joseph Barbera. The title is a parody of the popular action movie The Fast and The Furious, starring Vin Diesel.

This made-for-video movie made its debut in 2005. Later, Kidtoon Films released it theatrically in select U.S. cities. The film was directed by Bill Kopp, an American animator and voice actor who has also provided the voices of Eek the Cat and Klutter (from The Terrible Thunderlizards), among other cartoon characters.

Gift Ideas

You can find DVDs of these and other Tom and Jerry movies and short films. Undoubtedly, these make great gifts for the fans of this animated duo.

Also, check out these Tom and Jerry pictures.

Here's more information about about Tom and Jerry's classic short films.

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