Tuxedo Cats are the BEST cats!

by Audrey
(Galveston, TX)

I have a tuxedo cat and it is the BEST cat I have ever seen!! They are a friend when you are down, and a warm fuzzy critter to have around. I wouldn't trade my tuxedo for a suit is what I always say, and I wouldn't trade my tuxedo cat for another kind of cat. Why have hamburger when you can have a steak???

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Sep 16, 2012
My tuxedo cats.
by: Amanda

I have two female tuxedo cats. Tiggy is Semi long haired and the younger of the two at 16 months. She is a very gentle, trusting, and affectionate cat with a cheeky streak.

Fleur is 9 so she's getting on a little bit now although she is still fit enough to go exploring outside. I got fleur as a kitten she is a shy retiring cat who will seek affection from time to time. She is very self sufficient too.

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Aug 03, 2012
Why Have a Suit When You Can Have a Tuxedo?
by: Merlin's Mom, Groucho's Grandma

I couldn't have said it any better. I wouldn't trade my two tuxedo's for a suit either. Do you have a pic? I've put a picture of Groucho on this site, as well as a picture of Merlin, my beautiful white cat. I will be posting my newest tuxedo cat soon, Minnie Pearl. So named because she will never be more than 6 pounds and she is a comedian like the original Minnie Pearl. They are always sickly when they first come out of the pound where I adopted her. But she has come a long way, fattened up and very sassy. She is about ready for the limelight and cameras.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. My kitties and puppies are my happy place after a tough day at work.

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