My Fat adorable kitty! :3

My family has gone through many cats. We've had Chloe and Choo Choo. My only two remaining cats are Dolly and Pumpkin. Dolly is one of those cats you can't call fat or skinny. She is an outdoor/indoor cat, and she's all black with a white scruff. She loves to go on my bed at bedtime and cuddle on my feet. She'll come up to my window and look outside if i open the blinds. She has green and blue eyes. Pumpkin is an indoor cat, though once we left the door open and she was sniffin' down the side of the house. Haha good times. Pumpkin is a black/grey/white cat, and she isn't very excersized. She loves to be pet and she is very sheddy. She likes to curl up on my mommy's lap when she watching her show, and often sleeps in her room at night.

<--- She's kind of like this cat, though she's lived with us for her entire life.

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Apr 09, 2011
I love fat cats
by: Claudia - Admin

Thank you for sharing the stories of your cats, especially the one about Pumpkin. I think that indoor cats tend to gain more weight than the outdoor cats I guess because they "exercise" less. But I love big and round kitties. My cat Max used to be a fat kitty topping the scales at 21 lbs. But we had to put him on a diet because of health concerns. Now he's around 15 lbs (he's a big cat).

Apr 05, 2011
Pumpkins are always round!
by: Jean from Tennessee

I love the names of your cats -- especially
"Pumpkin". I bet Dolly is elegant, like her namesake (I assume Dolly Parton?). Pumpkin sounds like my kind of kitty. Do you have any pictures of Dolly and Pumpkin? I'd love to see them!

My cat Star likes to sleep at the foot of my bed but she doesn't like the way I move my feet around so much in my sleep, so she doesn't stay there very long! And she would NEVER lay in my lap and watch TV with me -- as much as I wish she would.

You and your mom are obviously good humans for cats to own! It sounds like you have made a really good home for your cats. They are lucky and you are too, because they give so much back to you.

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