Cat Playgrounds

Cat playgrounds are fun pieces of cat furniture: They allow your cat to exercise while they're having fun.

There are different types of playgrounds for cats (see below for more detailed information), and they come in different shapes and sizes. But basically these pieces consist of several play areas, trays, and posts. Some playgrounds do require more space as they can be quite large. So these are great if you have a yard or a large room.

Needles to say, a cat playground is a great idea for indoor cats as this piece can encourage your cat to play and exercise more often. A good idea is to place the playground next to a window so kitty can monitor the outdoors.

Another alternative for indoor cats is the enclosure pieces designed to be used outside. Your cat gets to enjoy the outdoors while safely remaining inside the enclosure.

Kitty playgrounds are also a fantastic idea for households with multiple cats.

Types of cat playgrounds

Kitty Hawk - Modular Cat Playground
You have several options to choose from: From multi-tiered constructions that allow your cat to climb and perch on cradles positioned at different levels to multi-purpose carousels and tents, which come with play areas, trays and platforms.

There are also gym-type pieces that come with toys, tunnels and even hoops. These kitty gyms will delight any cat.

You can also find a number of outdoor containment pieces and enclosures. These items are great for indoor cats. Many of these pieces are roomy and comfortable. Your cat will enjoy being outside and you will feel secure that you cat is safely contained.

There are also playgrounds that are a mixture of towers with play areas, scratching posts and sleeping trays. And as I previously mentioned, some even come with hoops and toys attached.

Factors to consider

As you can see there are quite a few options for you to choose from. During the selection process, consider what you and your cat need as well as how much money you are willing to spend. Also take into consideration how much available space you have to place this piece. Playgrounds come in different sizes, and some of them can be quite tall and large.

Kittywalk Carnival Pet Containment Gym
Also take into account the following factors:

--The right cat playground or cat gym should be well-built. It should definitely be strong and stable.

--Your playground should also have a sturdy base. Many of these pieces are quite tall, so an ample and sturdy base will prevent the piece from tipping and falling over.

--Cats love high places, so get kitty a tall piece. This will absolutely please him or her. As you know, cats love monitoring their surroundings from a vantage point. Just ensure that the piece you select is stable and secure (see above).

--Some excellent features to consider:

  • Some playgrounds come with toys and balls attached. This will make the piece even more appealing to your cat. You can also attach some toys yourself.

  • The right playground should have several trays and platforms for your cat to nap in and perch on.

  • Some pieces come equipped with a built-in house or condo.

  • Many playgrounds also come equipped with scratching posts and plenty of scratching surface.

--Some assembly might be required with certain pieces.

Kitty playgrounds

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