by Dot Luckey
(Mansfield, CT, US)

I had a wonderful white cat named Weebles. She had one bluish and one greenish eye. She was gentle, affectionate, sympathetic and sometimes capricious. Her male companion, Henry T. Adios, teased her repeatedly and she hissed and fumed and made quite a fuss, but if he walked by without teasing her she was obviously miffed. If I was feeling under the weather, Weebs would simply lie next to me in bed and 'be there'. She also gave birth to three daughters in my bed - I had prepared a nice snuggly box for her, but this is a waste of time as no self-respecting cat will use a place she has not herself chosen. The little ones were all white with 1-50 tufts of darker hair on the head, so there was no telling who the father was.

Henry was a voracious hunter, and brought gifts in through the cat door when we lived in Florida - one morning it was a headless king snake, still thrashing about,and one fine evening I found the bottom half of a small hare under the bed.

Both Weebs and Henry passed away in 2002, at 14 and 13 years of age respectively. I miss them every day.

Always a cat lover, Weebles8

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