valet, dietician, and housekeeper for Lucky

by melodye
(long beach, california, usa)

Received my Master (who was six weeks old) from an addicted woman who stole him from a drug house. They were using him and his sibilings to test drugs they had manufactured.

I had no intention to stop at the shopping center (it was in a dangerous neighorhood) where this woman was offering these cats, until it dawned on me that my supply of food for my only cat was running a bit low, so I took the chance.

When she approached me, I started digging through my pockets for spare change, thinking she was going to ask for a handout. She then said "No, I just want you to take in one of these kittens, if you can!" She opened her jacket, and had about five young babies who were mewling inside her multiple pockets.

To this day, I have no idea why I chose Lucky; perhaps it was Karma, perhaps it was fate.

After 16 years, he is still my best friend. This gentleman knows how to open doors that do not have deadbolts, open and close cabinets, and get underneath the covers of a bed without disturbing the pattern.

He loves me without question,and trusts me completely. I never have to wonder about his loyalty, unlike most people.

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Dec 04, 2010
Lucky Lucky!
by: Jean from Tennessee

Wow! What a great story! It could have gone so badly for that little fella and ended up so beautifully, thanks to you and that lady who rescued him. You are "lucky" to have such a companion -- God Bless You both!

Nov 30, 2010
A true Master
by: Claudia - Admin

Hi Melodye,

I absolutely love Lucky's story. I never get tired of learning how a cat parent found his cat (or master). By the way, I too feel that Max is my master. He pretty much does whatever he wants (to my sister's dismay). But I can't complain, he fills my life with so much joy.

Lucky is indeed very lucky after his uncertain beginnings. And I'm so glad that he found such a loving home. Thank you for sharing his wonderful story.

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