Tippy is just the top of the cream when it comes to tuxedo kitties

by margarita marie
(st petersburg, fl USA)

She had me at hello

She had me at hello

I was doing a feature about a man who takes care of animals in our vicinity. You know the kind, the silent heroes among us. I was so inspired by what one person can do to help so many animals that I went out to rescue a cat, and found Tippy.

I named my Tuxedo kitty Tippy because the very tip of her tail is white. She is very smart, affectionate. Although, I suspect she still thinks she can take me on. I mean, I am a giant compared to her tiny frame and yet she still makes her stance like she's going to attack me or something.

Here are some facts I have discovered since I got her:

1) a kitten sees no good reason to obey another animal

2) I'm learning to say goodbye to my good linens and furniture

3) her first word to me in the mornings is: mmmNOW!

4) she will call out for me to play with her

5) my hands and feet look like battlestar gallactica

6) she looks at me like she's trying to say, ""I didn't claw my way to the top of the food chain to eat vegetables"

Here's a direct link to her:

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Jun 22, 2010
by: Claudia - Admin

Hi Margarita,

Tippy is adorable. And she has a personality all her own.

Thank you for sharing your list of things you've learned since adopting Tippy. I'm sure most cat lovers will agree that a new world opens up to you once you adopt a cat (or rather once a cat adopts you). And we get to learn lots of things!

I also enjoyed watching Tippy's video. Again, thanks for sharing!


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