The Duke of Wellington

by Duane
(Newark Delaware USA)

In FEBRUARY 1995 I decided I wanted a kitten. I had wanted one for quite some time, but didn't know if I was ready for the responsibility.I was living in Elkton, Maryland at the time, so I drove out to the Cecil County ASPCA to adopt one. Upon going in it broke my heart to see so many adult cats sitting there, hoping to find a home. I wanted to take them all.

I went by one cage and saw this little, scruffy orange tabby, who took one look at me and leaped onto the wire mesh crying and crying whilst looking into my eyes. "We call him velcro kitty" the lady remarked "and I hope he gets adopted soon." I couldn't bear to see him euthanized and so I had him taken out. He leaped upon me and buried his face in my neck. "I'll take this little guy," I said.

I am so glad I did, although he was a holy terror when he was a kitten. He learned how to open my drawers and would pull out all of my socks and underpants. He learned how to open doors. He learned how to turn on lights by himself and when my soon to be wife moved in with her brood, he justified himself by taking the role of the alpha male. He is 17.5 years young now and pretty much looks the same. His fur is a little lighter near his back end, but he gets around just fine. My daughter came home with a kitten and Welly, as usual saw it as his responsibility to show the youngun the ropes.

He is so perceptive and friendly that I have to say the he is the best friend I've ever had. He sleeps with me every night and is still the Alpha male. We love you Welly and want you to keep on keepin on. My wife, Lori Susanne Whit wrote a book about him for children, it's called "Wellington, the Cat Who Went Online." It's for kids and it's on Amazon, published by Ex Libris.

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