Taffy my tuxedo cat

by Aubrey

Taffy helping with the laundry

Taffy helping with the laundry

I have a tuxedo cat (not a true one) but she's close enough. I never expected she would be so smart. No wonder she can tip over every standing water glass in the house. Recently she's found a way to open the cupboards and get into the spices. She's a fighter but loves to be played with and stroked, but when she's had enough she will bite you. She loves to sit outside my shower stall while i shower and watch the water droplets glide down the glass. She's my favorite kitty out of my three!

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May 17, 2012
So cute!
by: Anonymous

The spitting image of my buddy Figaro, who could not leave a glass of water or flower vase standing (Always when we were sleeping). He liked to sleep on my hands or book if I was reading! Now that he's gone, I have 2 more tuxedoes.

Feb 15, 2012
Beautiful Cat!
by: Donovan Saadiq

Great picture! Thanks for sharing her & the story!!

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