Suvannah, my teacher, my student, my one and only

by Destiny
(Parker, AZ)

Suvannah was the greatest cat ever...if only she would've stayed with me a bit longer. I've always said it wasn't her time to go, but it was.

Her story starts out when she was born into the world from her dear mother, in my Aunt's house.

My aunt had millions of 'stray' cats running around her house, for their job there as mousers.

My brother and I ran over there as soon as my aunt told us that one of "her" cats was pregnet.

Suvannah's mother gave birth to five kittens:
Bo and Bee two twin orange tabby males, Cali, a calico runt female, and Marco and Suvannah. They were both gray and black longhair mixes.

Everyday my brother and I went over there to see the kittens, especially Marco and Suvannah.

My brother liked boy cats, and I liked girl cats. So, he liked Marco, and I loved Suvannah.

But, whenever we would grab them, they would switch humans; Suvannah would go to my brother, and Marco, to me.

On one very special day, we went over to choose a cat. We couldn't decide which one to pick for it was a hard decision for cat lovers and young kids.

So, our parents told us to leave, while they stayed there.

They came back a while later with Suvannah.
I wanted Marco, but Suvannah would do.

Over time, Suvannah and I grew more closer and closer than her and my brother.

She was just a real great cat. Everyday after school, I would be greeted by her.

We would always play ALL day until we just wore ourselves out and plopped down on the ground, were we would lay next to each other, and stare into each other's eyes.

Suvannah was a real charm at night. She would always either sleep in between my feet, behind my back, or around my neck. Sometimes when she wasn't tired, but I was, she would just lay on my chest, purr, and make muffins(a relaxing movement of paws).

At some times, I would be the teacher or mother, and she would be the student or daughter. At othe rtimes, it would be the other way around.

We grew soo close, that we were twin sisters, and then we were one.

Everything changed when mating season came. For the cause of not being spayed, Suvannah was in heat.

She turned into a viscious little spitting beast. She would always lay on the ground and stratch her limbs luxuriously and rub on my other cat.

When I got to close, she would hiss, spit, and claw at me.

When she would get too rough, my mom would grab her by the scruff of her neck, and toss her into the bathroom, and shut the door.

I was usually crushed at those times, but I knew that I would get hurt if I went in there.

I really longed for the days that we would cuddle, play, and sleep together.

One night, Suvannah was surprisingly in a calm and relaxed mood.

I took my chance and created a fun game. I set her in a laundry basket and pushed her up and down the hallway. She surprisingly tolerated it.
The next day when I was at school, my mom took Suvannah to the vet to get her spayed.

I knew she was getting fixed and was so excited to come home to see my renewed loving cat.

I rushed through the door too see my mom sobbing, and the cat carrier open, but no cat in sight.

I was already in tears when I asked my mom, "Where-where's Suvannah?!"
My mom answered, "She's gone."
My eyes were a waterfall when she explained that her lungs dropped in the vet's office during the proceedure of getting spayed. I later learned that it was caused by inbreeding, for it was ovious because her bloodline was full of inbred stray mousers.

A while later, my mom brought her body home. She was in a plastic bag, and she was ice cold.
My mom held the bag while my dad dug a hole in the ground next to our house.

I stroked her with stiff and shaking fingers, crying silently.

We set her into the hole and we each said some words. I told the whole story of her life, laughing fainlty at the funny times.

My mom, dad, and brother went inside while I stayed crouched by her grave.

I went inside a while later, and inside I headed toward our couch.

I saw this bright white light that formed a cat.

Suvannah. She winked, smiled, and then faded away.

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