Snowy the Sweetheart

by Angie Hicks
(Apopka,FL USA)

We got Snow 5 years ago. His mama was a stray who ended up having 4 babies underneath the mobile home next door. The owner did not like cats...and one afternoon when I went out to the front porch I found the mama and her 4 little ones wandering around aimlessly. The neighbor had left them there. Needless to say I took them all in and it was easily love at first sight. There was one who was all white except for a tiny black mark on his little head. I knew immediately he was mine... He became the one I kept and became my Snow. Ever since he has been a joy. He's gone from this tiny white little ball of fluff to an elegant, regal cat.He greets me every morning with his beautiful green eyes and a big meow. When I come home from work he is the first one waiting to say "welcome home". He is very sweet and very smart. He is curious and likes to play... But my favorite thing is when he climbs on my lap when I sit down to watch tv..He has the loudest purr..and his soft fur and warmth is like a little teddybear..I always had wanted a white cat because I thought they were so beautiful.Now I finally have my own and everyday I feel so lucky to have him. Snow is my little sweetheart!

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