by Barbara Madden
(Twin Falls, ID)

Isis & Quan

Isis & Quan

When I got my 1st Tuxedo kitty almost 2 years ago that I named Isis, my vet friend Susan recommended to me to get it a companion kitty to grow up and play with. So I went back to my friends house the next day and picked up her sister, who I named Quan. They are 2 very affectionate, smart kitties who are "wascally wabbits ! They love to hang out in my overgrown backyard garden & chase bugs & grasshoppers. When I can hear them but can't see them, I look up and there they are looking over the edge Of my house's roof or my next door neighbors' roof! They climb up & down on some sturdy tree branches. My 3rd kitty, a black longhaired cat named Mercury (Twinkletoes), gives them both a few licks on their faces & heads every morning. It did take Mercury a couple of months to bond with the 2 kitties, so that was a blessing, as she was used to being the Queen of the household! Cats rule!!

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