by emily

i have a kitten,called sienna, who is now roughly 7 months old, she is completely white no dark marks, and she is also deaf! although her disability is dangerous she is soo funny to watch as she is very hyperactive!

the reason we have her is because her father is also my cat he is pure white as well, but not deaf, his name is shaky. shaky bred with a neighbours cat, whom obviously was pure white as well.

so when sienna appeared to be deaf no one wanted her, but in my heart i could not let my cats daughter and this beautiful kitten be put in a cat protection because we know of the dangers of that as well.

anyway sienna is very aware and even though she is not allowed out of the house she goes in my back garden and, she herself, does not even try to adventure off. she is soo well trained, i couldnt believe it!

but now that sienna is getting older i feel that she needs to be outside more and not be house-bound? so i went out and even though it sounds terrible i bought sienna a harness so i can take out the front and she wont have to be cautious :)

she is my world, my sienna!

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Aug 09, 2010
What a good kitty
by: Claudia - Admin

Hi Emily,

Thank you for sharing Sienna's story. How wonderful that you were able to keep your cat's daughter. From your description, I can tell that she's a very smart cat. And she has a pretty name, too.

Let me know how it goes with the harness.


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