by Robin
(Collegevile, pa)

My tuxedo cat, Dixie, is 16 yrs old now. She is crazy affectionate, and VERY verbal. Each Meow means something different. She loves my girls and knows their routines. Every school day morning, she hustles us all out of bed, makes sure SHE has a good breakfast, sees the girls out the door and to the bus. Only after they are gone, does she go up to find her sunbeam and relax.

At about 2:30 pm, she comes downstairs and waits at the door for the bus to arrive. She greets the girls when they come in and jumps from lap to lap until she is sure they are home for the day.

The only problem is that she doesn't realize there is a Saturday and Sunday. She goes crazy when we don't stick to the preordained schedule and wakes us all up anyway. Yikes!

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Dec 11, 2011
Mother Catz
by: Anonymous

Very funny & real story. Sounds like she is a mother cat by nature. My tuxedo cat Misty wakes me up every morning with a nice paw in my face!!If I'm unlucky,,, she might put a paw in my face after coming out of the litter box!LOL She means well. Thanks for sharing about your kitty!

Donovan/Misty/ & Felix

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