R.I.P Ace

by Tyler

Its been 4 months that my tuxedo cat ace has died. I always loved cats however i never had a tuxedo cat before and so friendly at that. My cat ace was only a year old, he was a male and was very friendly and made me happy alot of the time.

I cant explain how much he meant to me and how he was so different from the rest of the cats he use to play with suckers back in forth on the floor because he loved the sound of the plastic on them. He also use to try sucking your shirt even at a year old because he was taken away from his mother so young he also use to love cuddling like a puppy not like most cats and just try to get away he would stay and just purr.

My cat ace meant the world to me and still does, it broke my heart to see my cat like that leave the earth so young. Along as i live i will never forget my cat ace no matter what he will always be in my mind my heart and dreams forever. He died from a car however the saddest part was it was my own grandparents my cat fell a sleep under the car he got hit and was a still fighting to live we took him to the vet and they said he has no chance to live his body was separated from bal.

I can still remember that last look on his face the day he left the house and stared me in the eye. It took me over 2 weeks to stop crying and i am a guy pretty crazy however we all cry for loved ones even if its a pet because there just like family.

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Jul 14, 2010
Remembering Ace
by: Claudia - Admin

I just wanted to say that I understand the pain you feel when you lose a beloved pet. I've gone through that before and it's very difficult, to say the least. Even though they always live in our heart and memory, we miss their love and companionship.

Remembering Ace is a wonderful way to honor his memory. Thank you for sharing his story.


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