by Kerri
(British columbia)

Hello. I'm Kerri from British Columbia Canada. I found a beautiful black and white tuxedo male kitten hiding in a bush by our house and so we adopted him. He loves us, is a little shy and we discovered is also hard of hearing. We are still getting to know Rascal, whom we thought was a girl and named her Miracle because she survived in the yard for so long. He sure is vocal, somewhat loving but wants out constantly.

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Aug 26, 2010
by: Claudia - Admin

Hi Kerri,

I'm so glad Rascal found a loving family. I think he likes going out because he spent so much time outdoors.

You know, we too thought that my cat Mia was a boy until closer inspection, lol. At the time, she was my aunt's cat and her name was Sol (Sun in Spanish). My sister later named her Mia.

Thank you for sharing Rascal's story.

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