Quarters the cat...

by Kathy



Five years ago my children and I decided to get a cat.

An add in the paper said to a good home FREE kittens, so we made the call hopped in the car and arrived, There sat the kittens, the owner right off the bat stated "that the white one wasn't on the market" So there I saw the little tuxedo kitten, I picked him up and he meowed and bit my finger! I instantly fell in love with him!

So as we drove home with our new kitten it was time to figure out what to name him, most of the names we came up with were so common until out of the back seat my daughter who was 4yrs old at the time yells out How about "Quarters"? So my son and I asked why Quarters and she said because he looks like a Quarter!

So now my little guy is in the hospital for a week straight, he had to have surgery due to blockages, he is doing well and I can't wait to go get him and bring him home.

Quarters is more than just a cat to us! He is Family, always there to cheer you up in life's ups & downs. He is very vocal and voices his opinion, smart, witty, loves to cuddle under the blankets and will even steal your spot on the couch when you get up.

We would be lost with out him!

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Dec 28, 2014
Love him
by: Claudia - Admin

Quarters is a very handsome cat. Thanks for sharing.

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