Q-Tip...that's always dirty

He is always dirty...on his belly

He is always dirty...on his belly

We got Q tip from my manager at IN-N-OUT Burger. She had got him from her husband who is a paramedic. Q-tips mom lives at the local fire station and is still having white deaf babies last I heard.

He always needs touch. When I go out in the garage to smoke he is always touching me with is paws and trying to get my attention. He won't notice me until I turn on the light though. He sleeps a lot and I can put up the garage door without waking him. He likes to escape outside from time to time, but since he won't respond to his name he needs constant outside supervision.

He is also very long and loves to bite and lick everything. I would recommend cats with disabilities. I think that cats are too independent and a cat with a disability has to depend on you a little more than a regular cat. Q-tip does not respond to any sound so I try to sign to him to come to my by making eye contact and waving him over.

Our other cat did not like Q-tip at first, but since he could not hear her hissing or growling they became friends quickly and just the other day I saw our other cat grooming Q-tip while he slept so I know they are close.

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Feb 25, 2010
Lovely Cat
by: Yvonne

Q-tip is a beautiful white cat and I love his eyes. It's so funny when the other cat is growling and hissing and Q-tip cannot hear. It relieves me to know that I am not the only one with this problem. I too have a solid white cat I call Jenibelle (female)and she is deaf and has blue eyes.She is very attached to me and I of her.I have an older cat I call Sandy and she hisses and growls at Jenibelle and Sandy just gives up and prefers to go outside. Now, when Jenibelle goes outside she will wear a harness so that she wont scare and run to the road.She is a inside cat and so when she goes outside she scarce easily ,even by a movement of the grass.She will freeze. It's so funny. Anyway,its a blessing to have my lovely Jenibelle. I admire you for protecting Q-tip closely when he goes exploring outside. They really depend on us to keep them safe and secure .

Sep 26, 2009
Lovely story and gorgeous cat
by: Claudia - Admin

Q-tip is a gorgeous cat, and he has pretty eyes, too.

I agree that even though they may require more attention, cats with disabilities make great pets. One of my cats has a slight disability, but she's even more determined that my other at.

I also love the part of your story where Q-Tip couldn't listen to the other cat's growling and hissing. Ha, ha! I wonder what the other cat was thinking.

Thank you for sharing your story.

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