Q-Tip the Showering Cat

by Cheryl
(Toronto, ON. )

Our little fellow, is pure white with green eyes. He has plenty of energy and gets into lots of trouble. Something that makes our little "Q-Tip" unique, is that he loves to get in the shower with us. He just loves to get wet. We figured this out while trying to discipline him with a spray bottle. Much to our surprise, Q-Tip likes to get soaked!!!

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Dec 12, 2011
Our little girl LOVES water too! :)
by: Luna Love

I was reading your story and had to laugh! Our little girl, Luna, LOVES water too!!!! She follows us into the bathroom and tries to figure out how to get in too...when I finish showering and open the sliding shower door to get my towel, she walks in and sits to watch the water rivulets run to the drain...she'll sit there for up to 15 mins. or so, then walks out shaking her feet and then sits and licks the rest of the water off her feet and tail. I have pics of her sitting in there. I think she likes it in there cuz it's all white like she is. ;)

Aug 18, 2010
A wet Q-Tip
by: Jean from Kingsport, TN

Everybody knows a wet Q-Tip is often much more effective than a dry one...certainly less abrasive. I got a good chuckle from your story. My white cat always comes to see what's going on when I'm in the shower but if I invite her in, she turns tail and runs! I'm glad she is afraid of water -- a spray bottle is the only way I have even a smidgen of control over her. She definitely is very independent minded!

Sounds like Q-Tip is a real treat to have in your household! Many years of happiness to you all.

Aug 17, 2010
by: Claudia - Admin

Hi Cheryl,

Q-Tip is quite unique. My cats hate water! But I think that it is so cute. A water-loving cat of all things. Thank you for sharing Q-Tip's story.

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