Postie the Toastie Tuxedo Kitty

by Collette White
(Luton, UK)

Let me tell you about a cat,
Her suit is only missing the hat.
as well as the cane or walking stick,
on your shoulder she will sit.
just to stand 6 ft tall,
The "Bear nesscessities" is her call.
In she'll run if you whistle this,
She even snuggles close and gives kiss.
Four socks on, one with a hole,
She likes it high the door or washin pole.
But when she's bad or on the run,
she knows it's 5,4,3,2,1
Once I count down then she will come,
just to apologeise for what she's done.
I love my Postie, she chose he name,
I was going to call her "DeikenReign"
at first she was hidden under the seat,
and from out of there it took a week.
alas she stirred and mimiced me,
follwed me around and spoke with me.
For over 9 weeks we spoke in tongues,
Confusing all of our loved ones.
My Postie then grew up so quick,
had 5 kittens but one was sick.
They all grew up and found new homes,
apart from Sniff, alone she roams.
Postie took care and feared for her,
and willow-sniff got much better.
Now a family, sniff me and Postie,
Tuxedo family, warm and Toastie.

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Dec 21, 2010
by: Claudia - Admin

Hi Collette,

I love Postie's story/poem/song. What a wonderful way to tell us about your lovely tuxedo family! Postie and Sniff must be quite the ladies.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story.

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