Our Baby!

by stephanie Thomas
(newton, alabama, usa)

Im not a ol Man!

Im not a ol Man!

Im Baby, Im 10 years old!! Im also known as The Ol Man! Yeah they think its funny but its not, I get even sometimes. I was born in to this world 10 years ago and my owner broke my sac and watched me take my first breath!! Im set in my ways and I have to have a drink a water form the bathroom sink! That is a must I share my life with my honey Punky! We just eat and sleep and poop!

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Jan 17, 2011
He is loved
by: alice

I love the pic of ole man .....He lookes into the camera wishing he could talk,,,animals bring us so much joy..dont they....please look at my post of my new kitty by alice,,,,Have a great day


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Oct 04, 2010
Not old at all
by: Claudia - Admin

Hi Stephanie,

You're Baby is as cute as a button.

And Baby, you're not old at all... my Max and Mia will turn 13 next March and they're my babies... and they behave just like babies. Max still plays like he was born yesterday. Thanks for sharing!

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