Norwegian Forrest Tuxedo Cat

by L. Bridgewater
(Edmonton, Alberta Canada)

A friend phoned us to say a girl that works at the Edmonton, Alberta Canada animal shelter had a cat there for his last day before euthanasia, that was a very nice cat. Our step daughter said that she would take him. She moved from where she was living and moved into a house where a girl there was allergic to cat hair. My wife and I said we would take "Bones". He was a large tuxedo male cat. We did some research on the internet to discover that he is a Norwegian Forest Cat. He is a great cat, very long body with back legs longer than the front. He has tufts of hair between his toes and feet are webbed more than other cats, long hair, long hair on his tail, green almond shaped eyes. His breed catch fish in the wild hence the webbed feet for swimming. They were pets to the Vikings in Norway in ancient times.

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May 18, 2011
Big Tux
by: Claudia-Admin

Hi L.,

Norwegian Forests are very handsome cats so I'm sure Bones must be a lovely cat. I would love to see a picture of him! Norwegians like the cold weather, I hear. I can easily picture them right alongside the Vikings of old.

I'm so glad that your stepdaughter and your family were able to rescue Bones. Stories like this warm my heart. Thanks for sharing it.

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