nobody wanted buckwheat.

by Bob Cogswell
(Mccall .I.D.)

6 years ago i went to the local dog & cat shelter, we needed a mouser for the barn. I asked what cat has been there the longest. The lady said buckwheat... She pointed to the cage with the solid white cat. The cat clung to me intensely, i was covered with white hairs, looked at the gal said i will take her, the only cat i looked at. When i went to the counter to pay the fee, the gals said we are not going to charge me, the reason was the folks who dropped her off, drove hundreds of miles to ensure that the cat would not be put down due to full shelters, it was not about money. It was a personal promise filled.

But the real story is that when i was 6 years old my grandmother gave me a pure white kitten, that cat grew up with me, all ways at the foot of my bed, and insuring me life was good, grew up went in the army. The cat got old lived a good life, 35 years later there is white, pure white cat sleeping at the foot of my bed. I often wonder if its the same cat, I know its unreal...But there is something, i cant explain.

My gratefulness to the folks who made the drive from washington,to idaho. THANK YOU.....

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Jun 29, 2010
by: Cyndi

An amazing story. I agree, that you were meant to be with Buckwheat.

Jun 24, 2010
Buckwheat obviously leads a charmed life
by: Jean

I too agree: You and Buckwheat were meant to be together. How wonderful that her previous owners cared about her enough to take her all those miles to a no kill shelter too. Kudos to them.

How blessed you and Buckwheat are! Congratulations.

Feb 26, 2010
Charmed by Buckwheat
by: Yvonne

I enjoyed reading your story.

It's a blessing that you have Buckwheat in your life. Buchwheat is sooo cute and seems charming. You two are Lucky to have each other.

I believe there is a reason for eveything. This was meant to be. Paw's up to you and Buckwheat. I wish you and Buckwheat all best in life.


Feb 04, 2010
Buckwheat found a home!!! Yeah!!!
by: Anonymous

Buckwheat is adorable!! He looks just like BOOGER!! Sounds like he is affectionate....they always seem to capture your heart, don't they?? It must be a white cat thing!! I think he was meant for you!! Enjoyed your story. you did the right thing by taking him.

Dec 06, 2009
What a great story
by: Claudia - Admin

Buckwheat is a lovely cat. I'm sure she's an excellent mouser, too.

And the way you found her is amazing. I don't believe in coincidences so I think that she was meant to be with you.

Thank you for sharing!

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